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December 22, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Serving

Struggling with your pickleball serve? Find out how to improve it drastically using drills and important tips here. Pickleball is a game that combines techniques from badminton, tennis, and racquetball. It’s a fun game with simple rules for people of all ages and was invented by a small group of fathers who wanted to provide a new athletic activity […]

December 22, 2019
Is Pickleball An Olympic Sport?

Pickleball is one of the most rapidly growing sports throughout North America, with hundreds of available playing fields emerging in the last decade. This sport, created in 1965, was developed by accident when a couple of families could not locate a shuttlecock to play badminton. The three dads created pickleball as an alternative for their children. Although the sport […]

December 20, 2019
The History Of Pickleball

Like any other sport, pickleball has a history behind it. Today we shed some light on how the sport came to be back in the 1960s and how it transitioned into the popular sport it is today. The 1960s: The Beginning Pickleball was first invented back in the summer of ‘65 by Joe Pritchard, Bill […]

December 20, 2019
Pickleball Kitchen Rules (Non-Volley Zone Explained)

In pickleball, courts are divided up into three main parts. One of these parts is the non-volley zone, commonly referred to as the kitchen.This area has its own set of pickleball kitchen rules, unique to the sport. What is the Pickleball Kitchen? ​One main area of the pickleball court is the non-volley zone, which is the area […]

December 20, 2019
Pickleball Court Dimensions Diagram

Pickleball courts are rectangular areas with various lines sectioning them off into different parts. They can be indoor or outdoor and are very similar to courts used for tennis and badminton. Understanding the setup of a pickleball court is critical to understanding the rules of the game. Let’s get started. History of Pickleball Pickleball is […]

December 20, 2019
Pickleball Drills for Beginners & Advanced Players

As with any sport, practice is critical to success. In this article, we’ll discuss the tools needed to become a successful pickleball player and how to practice those skills efficiently. You’ll get lots of inspiration to implement into your own training. The pickleball drills included below is bound to yield results, whether you’re a beginner […]

December 20, 2019
How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?

Undisputably, pickleball is fun. It features more movement than ping pong but fewer wind-sprints than a full-blown tennis match. Pickleball is a great cardiovascular workout–but exactly how many calories can you burn playing pickleball? Can you substitute pickleball for a day of running or a day at the gym? A pickleball game, depending on intensity, […]

December 20, 2019
Pickleball Terminology: The Glossary You Needed

Pickleball terms can be hard to understand. Therefore, we’ve created an intuitive list below that covers all the slang and terminology used in the sport. Introduction to Pickleball Terminology Pickleball is a beloved pastime, with a size squarely between ping pong and tennis but a charm that matches them both! Many of the terms in […]

December 20, 2019
What Is The Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball?

Introduction to the Double Bounce Rule Pickleball has a double bounce rule that affects the serve, return, and shot after the return. The rule is simple, but functions to make Pickleball a delightful game of rallying instead of a choppy game of quick points. Understanding the double bounce rule is critical to smooth pickleball play. […]

December 20, 2019
Pickleball Rules & Basics

Introduction to Pickleball Rules First and foremost, pickleball is generally played on a badminton-like court that has a net in the center. You’re able to play this game against one other person, or you can play in teams of two as doubles. The team or person who gets to serve first is decided upon by […]

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