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Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Posted on January 3, 2020
Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle Review Thumbnail

Today we take a look at the Wilson Tour Pro pickleball paddle. It's popular amongst pickleball players throughout the world, but just how good is it?

To get the most out of your pickleball experience, it is important to have a proper paddle. Your paddle can be the difference between having a comfortable game and getting blisters and sore muscles. Out of all of the options currently on the market, one brand I see more often than any other is Wilson.

Wilson is an old American manufacturer of sporting goods and equipment. It has been around for many decades and actually produces numerous pickleball paddles. I have tried out a couple, and one I enjoy more than the others is the Wilson Tour Pro.


Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Wilson Tour Pro takes its name seriously. The front is made of fiberglass for a firm hitting texture and the proprietary textured skin is meant to improve grip. In general, the fiberglass appears to create a rigid face which I found excellent for making strong shots and adding some spin to my work. The textured skin, meanwhile, adds grip without becoming a bother while on the court.

It will be easy to tell this is a Wilson product as it has a massive “W” on the front. The paddle is available in multiple color schemes that incorporate white and black. You can get a paddle in red, blue, green, and similar shades.  

The handle resembles those seen on tennis rackets, which I find creates an excellent grip. While the paddle is not the tallest or the widest, I think it is one of the easiest to handle.


Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle Review Thumbnail

The specs of a pickleball paddle are important for anyone who wants to play on a regular basis. The standard Wilson Tour Pro has full product dimensions of 15.5 x 8.25 in. It weighs around 8 oz., making it a lightweight option. The grip size is 4.25 in., which is quite average in a paddle of this caliber.

While the surface is not my preferred graphite, it is still comfortable to use and provides enough grip and spin to get creative on the pickleball court. Perhaps my only issue with the fiberglass is that it feels quite fragile if you’re not used to playing with it.

The other main component of the Wilson Tour Pro is the Polymer Power Comb Technology. The Polymer Power Comb is an internal component that determines how much force you feel when striking. In general, this Polymer Power Comb is a decent feature that allows for a softer feel and more control of your strike while playing.

Pros and Cons

As with any pickleball paddle, the Wilson Tour Pro has its own set of pros and cons.

  • The internal Polymer Power Comb
  • The reasonable face
  • The proprietary textured skin
  • The affordable price

There were also some characteristics that I did not understand. In particular, the fiberglass surface stood out. While fiberglass can be quite strong and even beneficial for players, it is also a surface that takes some getting used to. The main con is, therefore:

  • The fiberglass


If you are a brand new pickleball player or are looking for a beginner-friendly paddle, then the Wilson Tour Pro might be for you. While it is not one of my favorites, the Wilson Tour Pro features high-quality materials, a comfortable grip, and a reasonable paddle face to help you practice your shots and serves.

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